As gay fathers, we would like to be able to move freely and naturally in everyday life. Our goal is that society accepts our family forms and constellations without reservation. We want to be perceived as fully-fledged parents.


We hold regular meetings where our children can play carefree and the older ones can exchange experiences.

On the one hand, the meetings serve our children to make friends with other rainbow children in the same or a similar constellation; on the other hand, the meetings should show them that there are other rainbow families consisting of “only” one father, two fathers, one or two father(s) within a coparenting family, etc.

On the other hand, the meetings serve us adults to exchange about the possibilities of starting a family but also about the concrete challenges of everyday life.

About us

We are an independent action group of gay fathers and those who would like to become one.

RAINBOW DADS SWITZERLAND is a loose network without association structures. We are independent of any political or other groupings. We see ourselves as the ideal complement to existing organizations such as e.g. Rainbow Families Switzerland or Pinkcross

Our members do not pursue any self-interests – neither financially nor otherwise. We are a non-profit network, our commitment is voluntary and pro bono.


In this group we discuss and learn from each other. We support each other with knowledge and experience. We are also creating a library of interesting topics and articles there.

Although the Facebook group can be found by all Facebook users, it is a closed group and the posts are only accessible to group members. Your privacy is guaranteed within the registered members. In order to become a member of this group, you should belong to the LGBTIQ community, have your own children or feel a desire to have children.

We will publish contributions of public interest (newspaper reports, podcasts, etc.) on this website so that they can be viewed by everyone.