The Liechtenstein Parliament opens the way for adoption by same-sex couples.

He did not agree to the new article 25 in the partnership law. The judgment of the State Court of Justice will soon become final. With the decision of the state parliament, unrestricted adoption by same-sex couples is possible in the paternity law. Same-sex couples are no longer prohibited from joint adoption and access to reproductive medicine.

This was ensured by the FBP and Freie Liste, who voted unanimously against the change.

Same-sex couples can convert their registered partnership into a marriage from July 1, 2022. A joint declaration by the partners to the civil registrar is sufficient for the conversion of the registered partnership into a marriage.

EinzelnIndividual cantons / communes have published information on the conversion of registered partnerships into marriages:

Canton Aargau
Canton Bern
City of Zurich

For a long time they could only dream of their own children. Today, thanks to two surrogate mothers, Ciccio and Raphael are fathers to three children. In her home in Bern, the two men tell Patricia Boser how they cope with everyday life between children, work and amore.

Johnny and Stefan have fulfilled a dream as a gay couple – they have become parents. With the help of a surrogate mother in the USA, they had twins 4 years ago: Amalia and Aurelio are their biological children. And the family is getting bigger. Surrogate Robin was ready for another pregnancy.

Gay couples who are attacked on the street because they push a pram, and mothers who unintentionally are considered single parents just because their partner is not a man – that is the everyday life of many rainbow families. The report shows how parents and children fight against rigid family images and prejudices in politics and society.

The responsible National Council Commission has clearly approved the matter in principle. Nevertheless, many hurdles remain.

The trigger for the renewed debate on egg cell donation was a parliamentary initiative by National Councilor Katja Christ (GLP/BS). She argued that there was no reason why sperm donation was legal and regulated, but egg donation was not.

Equality between men and women is also needed in reproductive medicine. In addition to egg cell donation, anonymous sperm donation and surrogacy are currently prohibited in Switzerland.

We are very happy about the clear result on marriage for all!

We congratulate the Swiss people on this decision towards an inclusive, equal society đź’Ş

We hope that this commitment will also have an impact on the rights of gay fathers, whether in legislation or in the application of the law… although this will probably still require judicial decisions, because gay fathers continue to be discriminated against. For example, in the case of original parenthood (i.e. that both fathers are considered fathers from birth after surrogacy and that an unspeakable stepchild adoption does not have to take place. Or the topic of multiple parenthood “co-parenting” has been solved absolutely unsatisfactorily).

So much remains to be done, but let’s be EXCITED about this milestone today