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Landtag Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein: Adoption by same-sex couples

The Liechtenstein Parliament opens the way for adoption by same-sex couples.
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Convert registered partnership to marriage

Same-sex couples can convert their registered partnership into a marriage from July 1, 2022
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Ciccio & Raphi

Ciccio & Raphi

For a long time they could only dream of their own children. Today, thanks to two surrogate mothers, Ciccio and Raphael are fathers to three children.
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Johnny und Stefan

Gay fathers – 2 children and another baby

Johnny and Stefan have fulfilled a dream as a gay couple - they have become parents.
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Einfach nur Familie sein

Why can’t we just be family?

Mothers who unintentionally are considered single parents just because their partner is not a man - that is the everyday life of many rainbow families.
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Eizellenspende soll legalisiert werden

Egg donation should be legalized

The responsible National Council Commission has clearly approved the matter in principle. Nevertheless, many hurdles remain. The trigger for the
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